Ebtech’s 6-in-1 Cable Tester Review: The Best Handheld Cable Tester You Can Buy

Ebtech’s 6-in-1 Cable Tester Review

Musicians, engineers and techs alike...

find themselves struggling with defective gear and other technical issues on a regular basis. Whether in a studio or live situation, determining what piece of gear is failing and what the actual problem with that piece is can be time (and energy) consuming.


As a bass player/audio engineer...

I know from experience that cables are prone to unexpectedly fail and cause trouble, especially in live situations. A single cable can bring down a whole sound system. And in a fast-moving industry, no musician or engineer can afford to lose their precious time figuring out which cable from their setup is not working.

Fortunately, the Ebtech 6-in-1 Cable Tester is a device specifically designed to point out what the exact problem is. It also features other five handy functions, including a phantom power detector and a test tone generator. With a compact size and a solid body, portability and durability are guaranteed.


Simply put, a cable tester is a must-have tool for any touring musician and audio engineer- and Ebtech’s 6-in-1 Cable Tester is the perfect tool for the job.


I have your cable tester to give me the confidence I need to do my job.
In network sports as well as news, they’re both live and we all know one major rule there is never any margin for error.
So thank you very much for thinking about us audio guys and gals out here in the field by making great products that
really work and make our jobs a lot easier."
R. Sabini - Northbrook, IL USA


Ebtech’s 6-in-1 Cable Tester allows you to test six different types of connectors:

  • XLR (microphone)
  • ¼’’ TS (mono) and TRS (stereo)
  • 1/8’’ (TS OR TRS)
  • 3 pin MIDI
  • TT (tiny telephone)
  • RCA (Phono)

The LED grid on the front of the device shows a pattern of lights for each type of connection. Missing lights indicate an open, and additional lights indicate a short. Apart from this hugely useful function, the Ebtech 6-in-1 Cable Tester has five additional features:

  • Intermittent detect and display, which shows on the LED grid which wire has a problem is and what kind of failure it is.
  • Test tone generator, which generates 1 kHz or 440 Hz at +4 dBu, -10 dBV or -50 dBV.
  • Phantom power detector monitors if there is a voltage of 5 volts or more on pins 2 or 3 of an XLR cable.
  • Installed cable testing allows you to test cables already installed into walls.
  • Wiring display, the LED grid will show exactly how any cable is wired up.

Durability and Portability

The Ebtech 6-in-1 Cable Tester was designed to withstand life on the road. With a cold rolled steel case and a sturdy design, it’s ready to be taken to the next tour. It fits practically anywhere, and it only takes two AA batteries to power the device. While this makes sense since this was intended to be a mobile device, it doesn’t have an AC adaptor, so it can’t be powered by anything other than batteries.

Pros and Cons


  • 2-year warranty
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Accessible price


  • At approximately $100 USD, the Ebtech 6-in-1 Cable tester is still slightly more expensive to other cable testers in the market with the same functions.
  • Can only be powered by batteries


Final Thoughts

By now, you should be aware of the importance of having a cable tester in your gear bag. Not only it will save you a lot of time and frustration, but it will also help you keep your home studio or audio system working perfectly fine. In fact, professionals recommend testing all your cables at least once a year, and before important gigs.

The Ebtech 6-in-1 Cable Tester is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality cable tester; apart from being a handy tool for anyone working in audio, the built quality and durability make this cable tester stand from the pack.

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